Discover your data’s true potential

1 I work for an agency and we’re looking for a solution where we can manage our data from a single place, can you help us?

Of course we can! ReportMyAds was created for the sole purpose of optimizing the digital marketing data process.

Our solution offers a whole new level of integration automation and data exploration.

2 One of my platforms isn’t among the ones offered by ReportMyAds. Can it be added?

It is possible to add new integrations as long as it has an API to connect to.

Our innovative technology allows us to quickly integrate any new platform.

3 I need to internally distribute my agency’s information to my clients and employees. Is this possible?

We have powerful dashboards that can be personalised and shared among employees and clients.

The function to generate reports is another stand-out tool when sharing information with different stakeholders.

The information can be shared in multiple formats to cater for the full range of visual requirements.

4 Do you offer customer service?

ReportMyAds was born as a technological solution but with a customer-centred approach.

Our customer support is focused on helping our clients get the maximum out of the platform.

We provide training and guidance to help you quickly master the tools, handing the power over to you to reach all your business objectives.

5 What is the price for using the platform?

The quick answer is: it depends. Our clients range from large international agencies, to media agencies and start-ups.

Our price depends on various factors and each client has different needs, so we will collaborate to find the best option for their business, at the best price.

Send us an email to for a tailor-made quote.

6 Why use ReportMyAds if I can build integrations on my own?

The APIs we integrate with are public, so anyone could generate the integrations on their own.

However, the APIs undergo changes as a result of the different systems making internal improvements. These changes cause issues that need to be solved if the code is to remain integrated.

A system with characteristics such as these demands a complex infrastructure, which in turn demands maintenance and regular updates.

The cost of developing and maintaining this technology is something that not all companies can afford, so ReportMyAds was born as a response to this specific need. We provide the best technology in the business, along with the best customer service, at the most competitive price on the market.