Analyze all your data in one place

Simplifying the slow and complex process of collecting and reporting your campaign’s data from across multiple systems.

Giving your business the ReportMyAds advantage

Our objective is to offer a solution that adds real value to your business by enabling easy access to, and analysis of, your data.

Save time

Avoid having to access multiple systems to extract your data.

Manage your clients

Monitor multiple campaigns using a single login

Know your data inside out

Track the metrics that really matter

Report efficiently

Present your most relevant information clearly and transparently

A few of the integrations currently provided by us


What we do

We provide solutions to common problems in the digital marketing industry. We allow you to make decisions in the most efficient way, making it easier for you to explore and transform your data. We do this by...

  • automating data collection
  • streamlining how you access and analyse data
  • presenting outputs in a simple way
  • sharing reports with your clients

How we do it

A software solution that simplifies the process of collection, accessibility and presentation of your data, using integrations automated across multiple systems.

  • integration across multiple advertising platforms.
  • singular access to all your data
  • a variety of charts and tools to display your data
  • the ability to share reports with your clients
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