Unified Dashboard for media and advertiser agencies

Media Agencies

Analysis of your data has never been so easy!
We know that the current market demands an efficient and smart use of resources.
Time is your most valuable asset. That’s why the innovative ReportMyAds solution is designed to save you time that would otherwise be wasted on repetitive tasks, thanks to the unification of all of your data sources and the automation of report generation.

  • ensure complete control of monetised publishers and optimise your daily operation with the benefits of automation.
  • use the time saved by ReportMyAds on using your data to grow and explore the next big opportunity.
  • Simple to set up and get started

Advertiser Agencies

Make your data work for your business!
Unified access to all your campaign's statistics for all the information you need to optimise performance.
Surprise your customers with intuitive and easy-to-understand reports.

  • always have the most up-to-date information on all of your campaigns
  • manage and monitor all of your campaigns in one place
  • import any offline campaign statistics
  • create powerful dashboards in a few clicks
  • simple to set up and get started